Front Row Seating

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My friend Gigi and I recently attended an incredible live performance of South Pacific. Years ago, I saw South Pacific on Broadway, and this new stage performance was as good as it was way back then.  I enjoyed it so much that I attempted to get tickets for Jim and me.  I doubted we would be able to meet our usual preferences of two seats together, mid-way back from the stage, with one aisle seat, so I kept my fingers crossed that we could just find two seats together.

Unfortunately the show was completely sold out. But while wishing and hoping to go to South Pacific a second time,  I was reminded how we all have different seating preferences.  For live theater, Gigi likes to sit on the side of the theater, I like to be front and center, about 7 rows back, Jim prefers an  aisle seat for the additional leg room, and I suspect your prefer something else. When I am at an Elton John concert  I like to be in the front row so I can see his facial expressions as he breathes life into the piano.  In the movies,  I prefer to sit toward the back. At a professional basketball  game, I prefer court side seats, at a baseball game I like to sit behind home plate, and when I am at a professional football game, I prefer the luxury of a box.  Last June, in  Wembley Stadium for the One Direction concert I was happy to be quite removed from the screaming teens down below,  at a level with an easy exit from the 80,000 fans.

It is no surprise that we all have  individual seating preferences for different events, but there is one exception…

When we are talking about getting a good view of our lives, we can only choose front row seating.

There simply is no other choice.  If we are truly interested in living our lives at our best, then we must have an unobstructed view of our lives.  Assessing who we are and how aligned we are with our values, is an up close and personal thing. We need to have a clear view of our behavior and how it impacts our environment. And just as our vision needs to be clear, our hearing needs to be acutely tuned in to what is being said.  High SUCCESSTROGEN women are constantly measuring their value.  They have season tickets in the  front row  so they see themselves clearly every step of the way. These aware women continually accept and ask for feedback about their performance so they can make quick changes to increase their effectiveness.

Moms, get a front row seat so you can see how you parent, and teachers get a front row seat to learn the behaviors you are modeling to your students. Leaders and managers sit up tall in your front row seat so you have a good view of the influence you have on those you lead and manage.

Everyone, if you don’t already occupy it, get your front row seat and get comfortable sitting in it. Be okay with the apparent lack of perfection and growth opportunities glaring in front of you.  By seeing who you are and what you do up close, you will be able to understand what works and what you need to do to improve.

Choose to be at your personal best, choose front row seating.

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