Construction Sites

dreamstime_s_902901 Construction.  I am not sure it is happening in your city, but it is happening here in Sarasota, big time! At the present moment, I can look out my balcony in any direction and see cranes moving large, heavy objects from one place to another. I see work crews in hard hats on scaffolds, on the ground, and even on the very top of an 18-story crane. Never mind looking out my balcony, I can hear the construction from early morning till late day, six days a week. We are building hotels, condos, homes, and parking garages throughout the city.  Merchants are happy because added housing will attract more down town residents, and more residents means more business. Current residents are concerned because more residents means more traffic congestion, longer waits in restaurants, and the loss of some of the old character of our city.

Conversation among downtown residents focuses on all the construction projects, particularly the noise and dust.  Temporary detours and blocked sidewalks add to the complaints. “When will this all be done?” is a question often asked and accompanied by the side-to-side shake of the head.

Construction is a sign of progress.  Developers  look at a city’s  demographics and design what they believe will attract more residents. In Sarasota,  I assume they hope to also appeal to a younger affluent population planning their retirement much earlier than I was ever able to do.

Starting with a visual plan of what is to be and  transferring that idea to renderings for city approvals and financing,  a construction project takes a long time to become a reality.   My personal development plan is much like a construction project. It started with a visual plan, a rendering if you will, of what I want to do with the rest of my life so that I am happy and healthy.  Some of my personal project comes easy, like living my values, tapping into my spiritual side, and healthy eating  and daily exercise choices.  My plan to make a positive impact is happening  as I see it in my teaching at USF and amongst my family and friends.

But some of my personal project is more difficult, perhaps the renderings are not nearly as clear and marketable as the artists rendering of a construction site. My plans lacks clarity of what’s next.  I wanted to begin the next chapter of my story in a new city, Bethesda perhaps, but somehow the inability to sell my condo right now has gotten in the way.  The construction all over the city may not be in my personal best interest right now. Perhaps I need to readjust my plan, start the new chapter but start it from here where I live. I can do that.

I  think as women we each  have a personal construction plan, one that focuses on happiness and being “at home” with ourselves.  For me that happiness is found in positively impacting others, but that is not to say that every one has to find happiness in that way. High Successtrogen women define their own happiness and go after that. Some women are happy with painting, playing tennis, writing, or traveling . Other enjoy being in the work force. The key is to find what gives us meaning and  then go for it.  Don’t worry if your renderings aren’t clear yet for your project, obviously mine aren’t either! Continue to revise your plan and test out parts of it, and know in time, it will come together for you.

I hope you are in the process of finding meaning, your WHY! And  if you already found it, as I truly have as well, keep your mind open to new ways to live your WHY.


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