The Baby Bird





dreamstime_s_44745216Last week, an  injured baby bird fell from it’s nest, and landed in the parking lot, unable to fly.  A compassionate  staff member was doing his best to shoo away larger crow- like birds who were taking advantage of the helpless little dove but the larger “bullies” were not scared off easily. Arnold, the concierge at the front desk, called me to ask for help.

I decided I would call The Bird Sanctuary. It was a Sunday evening and the recorded message told me the bird hospital was closed but I could leave the bird at the entrance in a box. It took a while to coax the frightened little guy into the box, but before I knew it I was in my car driving to the Bird Sanctuary. I found myself talking to the Dove telling  him “Don’t worry, it will all be okay”, assuring him that the best doctors were on staff.  Probably the dumbest thing I said was, ” This is just a little setback, lots of baby birds fall out of their nest.” (Really? Had I conducted research that determined “lots of” baby birds fall out of their nests?)  My crazy conversation went on…” You will be flying around soon,  I promise.”  (Somehow at the height of my delirium I was claiming to be all-knowing and promised all would be well).  Obviously the burden of responsibility I felt had gotten the best of me.

I left the box and had a very restless night sleep. My internet search indicated the bird sanctuary opened at 7:30 am, so morning couldn’t come fast enough.  I called immediately at 7:30, and explained who I was and inquired about the little Dove.  “He will be going into surgery in about an hour” the kind voice said.  “Oh good”, I replied.  Can the doctor call me afterwards and let me know how he did?

There was silence on the end of the line. “Hello? ” I said, really saying, “Why aren’t you answering me?” and that kind voice responded…”Uh, mam, we don’t really do that, get back in touch with people who dropped off an injured bird. Realizing that the doctor and the staff there must be busy with many sick and injured birds and animals, I understood  it was foolish of me to expect that they would call me back with an update.  “Oh, no problem, I will call later back and check on him.

Two hours later I called and was told that the bird was in ICU recovering for 24 hours.  “Oh good I will stop in  and visit him.”  Again, that silence that I had experienced earlier this morning.  “Sir?” I questioned.

“Mam, look. We are very pleased that you cared enough to bring the bird to us so we could help him, but usually people do just that, they drop off the injured bird and that’s that. Their responsibility stops there.”

I added, “But he doesn’t have any family or friends to comfort him”.  You think I had silence before?…it was a very long pause this time, and while slow to get the point, I finally realized, I wasn’t going to get a call back and I couldn’t visit him.

I stopped asking and then softly said, I would call back the next day. Another restless night.  The next day I called and now I suppose  my name was on a list of nuisance women posted by the phone.  “Mam, look. We don’t have visitors in ICU or in the recovery cage.” And after all my seemingly ridiculous questions, I asked the final one that just blew the man’s mind. “Would you mind taking a picture of him and texting it to me? My eyes filled with tears as the kind voice explained that there were many little birds in the recovery cage, all flying this way and that and there would be no way of telling which bird was “my” bird.

And then the flood gates opened. I had to move on.  As you often do as well, I did a caring thing, just as  the doctors that  operated on the little feathered fellow did. But the point was I had to let go, let nature take its course, get out-of-the-way, however you wish to say it,—I had to move aside.  Sometimes in our lives, we just have to move aside even when we don’t understand the reason why. Women with high SUCESSTROGEN want to keep helping, but they do know when it is time to move aside, and let life go on.





3 responses to “The Baby Bird

  1. Oh, MA…I loved this post. I chuckled but then I got teary-eyed. You are a wonderful woman! ❤️ MK

  2. Please re-read. I had posted BEFORE I finished it!!!! But thank you MK!!!!

  3. I read the whole blog & I so agree with you, MA. So looking forward to catching up! ❤️ MK

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