The Cancelled trip


I am almost always an “opt in” kind of gal. I readily respond to invites to participate in a new activity, hearing myself often saying, “Sure, I’m game. Count me in!”  Frankly, more often than that, I am creating the plan to engage others whether that be for a spontaneous walk in a rainstorm, attending a town meeting,  or last-minute movie.

But recently I uncharacteristically “opted out”, backed out of something I had dreamed about for years, lived through over and over again in my mind, and began planning for many months ago. I was all set to go to Tanzania and Kenya on Safari. All the plans were made.  My safari clothing and backpack (including animal print lingerie) was purchased.   I  had all the shots required to keep in good health before, during, and after the excursion.  But I opted out.  Things changed most unexpectedly and the once coveted journey lost its excitement and romance. The “opt in” gal opted out.

And here is what I learned from  this decision: The decision to not go on this journey, is in and of itself, part of my journey.  My journey is much bigger than the trips I take. My journey is my life as I live it, my life plan.  I generally make decisions to do new things in order to enhance my life plan, to go forward, to broaden and challenge myself.  I know well that daily decisions bring me to new learning, new places, and new friends.  Yet this decision, the decision to “not go” on the journey to Africa is also part of my life journey.  There is no need for me to be disappointed or sad. For this segment of my journey, I do not need to pack a suitcase, show my Visa or new immunization record,  I need only to open my mind and heart to the next road that seems to already be calling me.

With our high SUCCESSTROGEN, we women know when to opt in and opt out, because we have the skill of  clearly examining all the facts, factoring in our heart, and making the right decision for us. My journey has one more time taken me away from where I thought I was going, and to someplace else.  I cannot wait to see where it takes me.  And if you are at all curious, be sure that I will keep you posted. Frankly, the new journey has already begun due to some odd electronic mishap!

In the meantime, consider your own journey and determine if it is keeping you in or taking you to a good place. If so, if you like where you are or where you are headed,  then continue on your journey. If you feel your journey is taking you no where, that life is dull, not healthy, not what you want it to be, then  you need to revisit why and begin again on a more fun, healthier, and/or happier journey. Remember, even when there are road changes in our journey, the detours are still part of the same trip.

My journey is a good one, with new learning literally every day.  Come join me in making our journeys wonderful and as we travel side by side, or miles apart from each other, let’s stay alert to our journey and wish one another a safe, exciting, and happy one.

8 responses to “The Cancelled trip

  1. I will journey with you anytime, anywhere. Can’t wait to see where we are going next!

  2. Your journeys are always interesting made more so with your amazing outlook, attitude and incredible sense of humor. Sign me up😀

  3. I love you two!!!!! Thank you….I signed you both up the days I met you!

  4. Wholeheartedly agree! Every decision is infinitely redefinable!

  5. Hi Wilma!!! Nice to hear from you!!!!!

  6. You most certainly have the power of attitude, continually amazing…love you girl

  7. Attitude cannot be overrated…sometimes I have to force myself to think positively about something I find a “bit off” and I am always happy that I did–much easier way to go from experience to experience, from day to day. Thanks for reading!! Talk soon!

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