Holiday Wishes 2015



Oh my goodness I simply cannot believe

Just a few more days ‘til Christmas Eve!

For years I wrote my poem and sent it all over the land

But this year I have use of only a left hand!!!!


My thumb surgery went well but I don’t know why

My pleasant personality seems to have gone awry!

Throughout the day you can hear me mumbling

Between you and me, having to ask for help is really quite humbling!

But no more complaining, no matter about this cast of mine

The poem and gifts for the grandkids will be sent on time.


A highlight of my year was Mass with the Pope

An incredible leader who gives us all hope.

He reminded me to love and help others see

The importance and strength of the Family.


This was the year to celebrate 70 years of being me

I may be shorter, but I am still have high energy

I vow to continue to say and to do

Things to delight and get a smile out of you.


The USF students continue to make me see

Why I ended up teaching in the University.

BizComm in the Fall and Sport Leadership in 2016

Makes my life meaningful, fun, and everything in between.


My children are well and continue to be

All that a mother could want them to be!

They are strong business leaders who can be counted on

They are athletes, dads, and incredible moms!

They join with me in acknowledging each and every one of you

For taking me on as a friend, I am grateful for you!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever sits best with you dear

Whichever you choose, let my message be clear

In the New Year, I will continue to pray

That you will be happy and healthy, each and every day!!!!!










One response to “Holiday Wishes 2015

  1. Merry Christmas Maryann to you and the family.  I miss our Christmas jokes. I still have the dog. Please give my best to everyone. Love, Debby DeCausemaker Ruggirello 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

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