As  I was walking downtown this morning a woman passed me sporting a tee shirt that read “More Issues than Vogue.” I laughed out loud, and then just out of curiosity (and I guess, far too much free time on my hands) I grabbed a Starbucks and googled Vogue magazine–just how many issues have they published?  “Yikes! 12,995!!!!!  “.  That gal has a lot of issues.

As these simple daily observations seem to do, the woman with the tee shirt forced me to consider  my very own issues.  Much to my relief, I was unable to come up with anything near 12,995! But two struck me as unresolved issues worth noting.

For example, one issue is my inability to give up sugar!  Every now and then I make an effort to do so by first and foremost throwing out and giving away any sugar product in my refrigerator and pantry.  Last month I was on that kick and got rid of : four chocolate covered cherries, three Klondike ice cream bars, and a box of Auntie Mae’s Toffee Crunch. “What did you say?” You never heard about Aunty Mae’s toffee crunch? Oh honey, you have to try it. You can get it on Amazon. I have tried every brand on the market, and Auntie Mae’s toffee has the best chocolate and crushed nuts all—oh my goodness, see what I mean?? Sugar is an issue.

Another issue is my obvious restlessness.  My life is great here in Sarasota, yet I  decided to move North, searched/found my next home, and listed my condo. NORTH of all places where lips get chapped, cold winter winds blow right through you, and flip flops are out of place several months a year. I can easily defend my decision to move but the underlying issue is my need for change….I have moved five times in the last 17 years of my Florida life. I seem to love where I am living when I am there but after a few short years, I begin seeing myself living someplace new, not necessarily bigger or better, just different.

Nevertheless, I have issues, you have issues, and so do our friends who claim they don’t.  What is important is that  we acknowledge them and deal with them to effectively manage our lives. Yes, I probably still eat too much sugar but otherwise I eat healthy, 5 fruits/5 vegetables, almost no meat, no alcohol, no smoking. My sugar count is low and all is well.  (ah, another issue is how I justify my sugar intake).  While my issue of constantly moving becomes financially costly, I always seem to get fully engrossed into my new location, get to know people quickly, and enthusiastically find my way.

I will miss this incredible happy space I have created, my friends and connections here with different business owners, agencies,  and the arts. I will of course miss my students. As a matter of fact, one thing that is different about this move is I am deliberately hanging on to my connection with my students at USF. I have agreed to do some special projectets for the Business School and set up a Linked In Leadership Discussion Group to keep in touch with them so I can follow their exciting careers. Students, you are the toughest part of my goodbye!

Women with High Successtrogen  have issues. They are aware of them,  tend to them from time to time, and sometimes just let them be knowing they are what makes them unique. Here’s to your issues and mine and who we are because of them.

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