Recently  I attended the taping of the Rachel Ray show.  Prior to the taping of various segments, we were coached on how to be a good audience, on how to show we were having a good time.  “Interesting,” I thought. ”  I have consulted UTube on many occasions to learn how to repair tile grout or make a French braid, but I never watched a UTube to learn how to look like I am having fun.   Did others really need instruction on applauding and laughing?  Laughing and clapping come easily to me.  And I proudly state that I never needed coaching on how to show I was having fun before!

I am an “applauder” by nature if there is such a word… it is who I am. I “applaud” friends for their good deeds, a new outfit, or the help they have provided me.  Further,  without being cued I applaud after a live theater performance, the ballet, and the opera.  As a matter of fact I applaud not only those who entertain, but those who design the set, sell tickets, or hand out the programs. I applaud my grandchildren for everything from using the potty to scoring the winning basket. I applaud my students after their presentations or when I hear they have secured the job of their dreams.

Applause is a form of recognition for a “job well done.” It comes spontaneously from the heart. It requires no cueing or practice! Perhaps the audience coach didn’t  think the show deserved a lot of applause on its own, and therefore he “saved it” by exaggerating the laughter and applause.

Unlike the cued kind of applause, spontaneous clapping is celebrative! It feels good to the one clapping  as well as for those receiving the recognition of a job well done. As parents and grandparents, we know that our children need praise and recognition to help guide them toward making good decisions.  As business leaders, we recognize the need to acknowledge the contributions of others because without them we could not accomplish our organizational goals.  As teachers and professors, it is our responsibility to positively impact our students and what better way than to recognize their achievements.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women spontaneously and publicly applaud others for their accomplishments and good fortune.  They feel joy for what others do well and easily applaud and cheer, often creating a groundswell of cheer from others who may need a cue.

Don’t wait for a cue! Clap when the spirit moves you!

One response to “Applause

  1. MA….Great article! I so agree with you about everything…👏👏👏👏👏👏!
    I miss seeing your smiling face.
    💞 MK

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