Love Works, the First in a Series on My Trip to Zambia



“Love Works” is the underlying theme of Mothers Without Borders, an organization that has saved hundreds upon hundreds of vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia. Kathy Headlee, Founder/CEO shares what she believes to be a truth:

“Love works,at all times and in all things and in all places; and it’s the only thing that does.”

This truth is what convinced Kathy to leave the comforts of her US home and go to Zambia, lease property, and start a school for children in need of love. She has worked through all sorts of hurdles to create a safe place where Zambian children  can live safely, eat regularly, become educated, and hopefully change what could have been to a healthy, productive life for each child.

This truth is what encouraged other educated Zambians to join Kathy and commit their love as teachers, staff, and volunteers at the school.  This truth is what encouraged other Zambian social service agencies to partner with Kathy so that the needs of Zambian children could be met at each stage of their development.  This truth catches the attention of groups of US women volunteers every year to go to Zambia for Mothers Without Borders, and share their love.

And  this same truth is what encouraged me to go to Zambia this past June.

There were 28 of us in Zambia last month, ranging in age from 13 to 72.  We shared 3 bedrooms and 4 tents, 3 bathrooms with no hot water, and had virtually no privacy.  We started each day by 8 am after a  hard-boiled egg for breakfast, headed out to one site or another, and ate our lunch, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in the back of an old army truck.  But this trip clearly wasn’t about the comforts of our living space, or the food  we ate.  This trip was about experiencing the truth, that Love Works.

Each day we brought love to infants, children, teens, and women of Zambia, to make their lives a little easier that day.  We spent time with the children, read books and playing games.  We taught the women how to embroider and purchased some handcrafts they made to help them provide for their families. The joy-filled women sang and danced for us.  I learned later that day that most have or have been impacted by HIV/Aides, and most do not know if they will be able to feed their children the next day.  Young children entertained us with their lively songs and  dance, and then blew me away by the poignant poetry they wrote about the poverty, HIV/Aides, and the hunger they live with. “How did this happen?” I silently asked God on the truck ride back that day. I am still waiting for the answer.

While I remain saddened by what I saw and learned in Zambia, I want you to know, the children and the women we met are not sad.  Somehow they exude joy regardless of being plagued by sickness and poverty.   I was quickly reminded how miserable I was a few months back when I stubbed my toe.

The Zambian women and children are not complaining, much less about a stubbed toe!  You could literally see the joy in their eyes as our old army truck pulled through the school gate and the children ran towards the truck.   They sang their praises to God  and they danced.  They welcomed us,  “Mzungus”, the white-faced visitors,  and hugged us freely.  They laughed and teased just like my grandchildren do.  They are grateful for the things we bring and the time we spend with them. Love Works.

In school they learn with passion.  The teaching model is one of  repetition. The teacher recites the times table and the children repeat what they heard, over and over again.  The children do not  get distracted even when we walk in to the classroom during one of their lessons. They are intent on learning, on improving their lives.

Please pray for the children in Zambia, and when you get a moment read about Mothers Without Borders, Kathy is an incredibly strong woman, a leader that inspires  and makes things happen, saving and improving lives.  If you can, consider a donation, as I have personally seen for myself that donations go directly to serve the children and improve their lives.

Love Works.


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