Be Together




“We were together. I forget the rest (Walt Whitman)”….that’s what the sign in the gift shop said.  I stopped, read the sign, and then read it again, and still again.  What does that mean ?

After running several possible interpretations through my head, I landed on what I wanted Whitman’s words to mean. I think he is saying we were together, family or perhaps friends, and that is all that mattered.  What we talked about, laughed and cried about, what we ate and drank,  and surely what we wore that day does not matter.  What does matter, the only thing that matters,  is that we were together.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women spend time with family and friends and they do so without any big discombobulation in their lives. They get together effortlessly because they know the value of hanging out with people they care about. They feel good about the fact that they got together.

Get together with family and friends. Do what it takes to get there. Put your fatigue and hectic life aside, and make it happen. Just be there. Be together, you can forget the rest.   What you need to remember is that you were together.

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