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If the World was “Just Right”

If the world was just right on this very night

There would not be a hungry child in anyone’s sight.

Children would be safe, well fed, with books to read,

A mommy and a daddy, and a sense of family.


All teens would have goals and a clear path to achieve them

With teachers, coaches, and others to lead them.

All young adults would have jobs that fit them just right,

That would be great if the world was “just right.”


And, no one would need to sleep on the street,

It would be safe to welcome each person we meet.

At  the “end of the tunnel,” we would all see the light,

That would be great, if the world was “just right.”


All who are aging would have someone to oversee

providing loving care in their home or facility.

They would be active, age gracefully, not worry at night,

That would be great if the world was “just right.”


But the world isn’t “just right”, not yet you see

I have a feeling that depends on you and me!

Surely there is a place where each one of us

Can make the world “more right”, without much fuss.


We can serve meals at a center, take a senior to dinner

Buying gifts for families in need is aways a winner!

Consider hats and gloves, to keep warm those living on the street

Offer a warm smile, cup of coffee, or even a sweet treat.


And take a moment before you fall asleep at night

To be grateful that you are helping to make the world “more right”.

Merry Christmas, dear friends and family

Be well, be happy, have fun in 2020!

“Look Both Ways”


Crossing the street yesterday  just as the signal changed indicating it was okay to do so, I overheard a young mom say to her child, “Look both ways!”

“Look both ways.”

The message was simple.  It was a gentle reminder of something I am certain the mother had told the child many times before.  “Look both ways” was a warning that there could be an unexpected car  coming from the left or the right.  The message warned the child to be alert because a driver might not be. The child looked left, and then right, as did all of us waiting on the curb, and we all walked safely to the other side of the street.

The “look both ways” warning works for the limited activity of safely crossing the street, however it falls way short when one applies the message to managing the stages of their life. I think to safely navigate through life, we need a “look every way” kind of warning.  As I look back in time I can see so many  times I was blind-sighted, caught off guard because I wasn’t alert. I wasn’t looking every way. 

How did I not see that my constantly cold fingers was as sign of a future medical issue. I thought I just needed  more expensive ski mittens.  How did I not see the warning signs of an unfaithful husband when the signs were there, right there. How did I not see that after my divorce, other men would be dishonest because my rose-colored glasses made it easy for them?   On these and other occasions I needed a sign that reminded me to look every which way, not just “both ways.”

High SUCCESSTROGEN women look every way. They don’t pretend or fool themselves, they look deeply before making a decision that will impact their lives. They gather data to help them see things as they are.  This enables them not to just make decisions, they make informed decisions.

This newly gained wisdom serves me well today.  And so in wishing to help you I offer the following:  Keep your eyes open.  Keep your head up.  Look every way. Question more than I ever did, look beyond what you want to see, to see what is really there. Wearing rose colored glasses has in many ways been a strong suit of mine, and yet surely, those same tinted glasses sometimes got in the way of my seeing things as they are. Remember to take yours off so you can see things clearly.

And by the way, if you are crossing the street later on today, please look both ways because that will get you safely to the other side.


Be Together




“We were together. I forget the rest (Walt Whitman)”….that’s what the sign in the gift shop said.  I stopped, read the sign, and then read it again, and still again.  What does that mean ?

After running several possible interpretations through my head, I landed on what I wanted Whitman’s words to mean. I think he is saying we were together, family or perhaps friends, and that is all that mattered.  What we talked about, laughed and cried about, what we ate and drank,  and surely what we wore that day does not matter.  What does matter, the only thing that matters,  is that we were together.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women spend time with family and friends and they do so without any big discombobulation in their lives. They get together effortlessly because they know the value of hanging out with people they care about. They feel good about the fact that they got together.

Get together with family and friends. Do what it takes to get there. Put your fatigue and hectic life aside, and make it happen. Just be there. Be together, you can forget the rest.   What you need to remember is that you were together.

Tu No Estas Sola


When I lived in Sarasota, my neighbor, Carole, and I walked many evenings as an end-of-day last attempt at working off calories.  Our conversations covered just about everything:  downtown  happenings, our kids, diet and exercise, and  sharing still another untold story of our personal lives.

As part of her life story, Carole shared a time in her life when she lived  in Mexico. Her voice softened as she referenced a fond memory.  She  said  when something is troubling you in Mexico, a friend immediately responds, “Tu no estas sola”, or “You are not alone.”  Wow, I thought, I like that.  Accustomed to the usual “Oh, I’m sorry…”, I prefer the message Carol’s former Mexican neighbors sent….”Tu no estas sola…You are not alone.”

When we are struggling, we feel alone. Our sense is that no one “gets it”…no one fully understands what we are going through. The very thought of hearing someone remind us that we are not alone adds comfort well beyond those “I’m sorry” words. I like the meaning as well as the sound and rhythm of the Spanish words.

“Tu no estas sola”

Four simple words that mean so much more than their literal meaning. You are not alone means I will be there with you through this, I will stand by your side, and I will provide the support you need until you no longer need to lean on me.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN assure others that they will lend support and see them through their challenge.  They say words of support and act accordingly demonstrating their commitment to their friend so that she does not feel alone.   Women are much more demonstrative in their support of other women than I recall earlier in my life.   Hundreds of thousands of us march for a cause, organizations and neighborhoods  fund raise for someone in need, and we proudly hold hands with our sisters who need to know they are not alone. We don’t want our friends to feel alone.

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My Postage Stamp Process

I was sending a card to a friend this morning to make her day just a tad brighter. I pulled the stamp from the roll, placed it  in the upper right hand corner of the envelope, and ran my thumb from left to right. I paused and smiled. How many times had I done this same thing, exactly this way?–Thousands of times.  The exact number is not important, but the fact is that every time I apply the stamp, following the same process, I have confidence that the US Post Office will do its job and the letter will arrive to the intended person, on time.  Every time.  My process and that of the Post Office are tight processes: I prepare the envelope correctly with a stamp (and the thumb left to right action) and the post office sorts the incoming mail, routes it, and delivers it, every time, on time.

I worked as a consultant in a variety of large corporations in the 80’s and 90’s taking  organizations through a movement called Total Quality. TQM as it was referred to, was all about having clearly defined processes across an organization that connected one department to another, getting the final product eventually  to the end-user, be that an internal or external user. We referred to each department we were handing off work to as an “internal customer”, the next person in line to receive our work.  We fully understood the needs and requirements of the next customer or user, and took responsibility for making sure we were delivering a quality product to them.  The movement with its emphasis on redefining cumbersome processes was embraced fully and it was remarkable to see the reduction of unnecessary steps, the reduction of work errors, and most important, the improvement in the final product or outcome.

Like my application of the postage stamp,  I have several processes that I followed religiously because they give me my desired outcome,  every single time.  My morning routine is one of those processes:  I shower, do hair/makeu[, ask Alexa for the forecast, dress, eat breakfast and review my gratitude list.  That  gets me out the door, on time, looking and feeling as good as a 70-something woman can. When I am planning a Social Committee event for my condo, I  complete a prioritized list of all that has to be done with a by whom and by when notation after each item. This  makes planning simultaneous events manageable, and one that consistently results in a well-organized event. When friends ask me how I do all that I do, I know the answer lies in my clearly defined processes.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women have developed processes that work for them in their busy work and personal lives. Their consistency works well for those with whom they live and work, delivers what they need, and eliminates much stress in their lives.  Sometimes  processes need to be tweaked to accommodate changes because they no longer deliver the product we or the next user needs. High SUCCESSTROGEN women take the time to redesign a broken process so they continue to deliver their best.

I am not sure I did this well enough with my children years ago, but if I were parenting today I would focus on processes, helping my children understand how some routines in their lives will eliminate stress for them, keep them organized, and serve them well throughout their lives.  As you know I also enjoy the spontaneous side of my life, where I pull some fun happening together based on a spur of the moment whim. I am able to do that  because of a few, well  organized processes in my day that allow me time and energy to respond to a sudden whim.

So give some thought to where a defined process will help you or your children, or consider redesigning a process that no longer delivers your anticipated outcome. The deal is not to become rigid with your life, but rather to select a few key processes that you commit to that will help you manage your day.


Way too Many Hazelnuts



Today, after a few weeks of eliminating sugar in my diet, I bought a candy bar …a Swiss chocolate bar that boasted 30% whole hazelnuts in large letters on its wrapper.  I couldn’t wait to get home and break off a big chunk and savor the combination of smooth Swiss milk chocolate and the crunch of the round whole hazelnuts.  I know, I know, you would have chosen a healthier dark chocolate.  I tried to like dark chocolate, I really did,  but I don’t like it.–not at all!

So I got home and barely removed my coat when I was tearing at the wrapper. I broke off a chunk, sat down and began what I thought was going to be a delightful feast.   The milk chocolate was all bumpy, covered with hazelnuts.  Yikes, too many hazelnuts per square inch!  Actually there were so many hazelnuts there was barely any milk chocolate! I craved a milk chocolat bar, not a pound of hazelnuts.  I mean I like hazelnuts and all but this candy bar was way over the top with them. It is obvious to me that the  chocolatier had no concept of  the phrase”less is more.”

A longtime lady of excess, it took me longer than  it should have to appreciate the  “less is more” philosophy.   I get it now, having downsized significantly as I moved to a small downtown Bethesda condo from a 3200 sq foot condo in Florida.   The extra-large guest rooms in my beachfront condo have been replaced by one small windowless spare room.  The two large balconies overlooking the Gulf and Bay gave way to a tiny “Juliet balcony” not large enough for me to even display a plant.  The huge walk in closets are no more, but then again the dozens of sneakers and tennis outfits are no longer either.  The bath tub that practically allowed me to swim laps is now a small shower with just enough room for me–good thing I shower alone! But I must tell you,  I love my less-is-more life, every bit of it. It is uncluttered. It is calm. It is easy to find things because everything has its place.

My milk chocolate bar with 30% whole hazelnuts would have worked well in my previous life. Today, I needed a milk chocolate bar with hint of  hazlenuts.  I will send a note on to Trader Joe’s to forward to their chocolatier.  I know my message will be laughed at, tossed aside and not taken seriously….until of course, someone at Trader Joe’s has to downsize in their life for whatever reason, and then, only then, will they understand what I am saying.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women don’t need extra stuff. They, too, have figured it out, “less is more”.  They put a high value on the person they have become and what they contribute to their work and personal communities,  on their family and friends.  They work hard to mak the world a better place, and to protect the people in their lives.  They put much less value on accumulating things.

If you haven’t already experienced it for yourself, start with a plain milk chocolate candy bar!



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A Lesson About the Epiphytes

Months ago,  I visited Selby Gardens, botanical gardens  located in Sarasota just around the corner from where I used to live.  While meandering along the garden paths, I was grateful that Marie Selby’s vision came to life. Selby Gardens displays over 20,000  plants and is recognized as the only botanical garden in the world dedicated to the display and study of epiphytes.

An epiphyte (of the orchid and bromeliad family) is a plant that grows on another plant without being parasitic, and actually adding to it substantially.  The epiphyte adds beauty and a softness of colorful blossoms to an otherwise dull, hard looking grey tree trunk. An epiphyte can be artificially glued to a tree or another plant or find a new home on its own with the help of the wind.

A fun fact is that the epiphyte will choose either to flourish in its new environment and be happy there or not.  I was fascinated with this fact as I observed a tall tree filled with resident epiphytes that were blooming in many vibrant colors.  The tree clothed in a dull grey-brown bark  was not decorative in and of itself, but once the epiphytes took up residence, the grey bark became alive with  bright splashes of fuchsia, orange, and yellow flowers. Those brightly epiphytes colored blooms displayed shiny leaves obviously thriving well individually and collectively.   One nearby tree obviously was not comfortable for the resident epiphyte, as the flower was dull in color and rather limp adding nothing to the vibrance of the tree.

I live in a condo building.  The building of steel, brick, and glass looks like any other building along a given city street anywhere in America.  The residents, much like the epiphyte,  take up residence and either bring life to the cold condo structure, or they detract from it. They are either happy there or they are not.

When we are happy where we live, or where we work for that matter,  it is as obvious as the brightly colored epiphyte on the tree trunk.  However, unlike the epiphyte that doesn’t take any nutritional value from the tree, when condo residents or employees in a work environment choose to not be happy, they in fact do detract from the environment.  The negative people will suck the life out of the community, making it more difficult for those who have embraced it, and in a work environment, will detract from the creativity and productivity of the work place. Go where you can flourish and add to the environment.

Take a moment to assess whether you are flourishing and adding to your present living or work environment,  or zapping the energy from it. Do yourself a favor, like the epiphyte, find the place where you will be happy and flourish and add to the beauty, productivity and fun of the environment.