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If the World was “Just Right”

If the world was just right on this very night

There would not be a hungry child in anyone’s sight.

Children would be safe, well fed, with books to read,

A mommy and a daddy, and a sense of family.


All teens would have goals and a clear path to achieve them

With teachers, coaches, and others to lead them.

All young adults would have jobs that fit them just right,

That would be great if the world was “just right.”


And, no one would need to sleep on the street,

It would be safe to welcome each person we meet.

At  the “end of the tunnel,” we would all see the light,

That would be great, if the world was “just right.”


All who are aging would have someone to oversee

providing loving care in their home or facility.

They would be active, age gracefully, not worry at night,

That would be great if the world was “just right.”


But the world isn’t “just right”, not yet you see

I have a feeling that depends on you and me!

Surely there is a place where each one of us

Can make the world “more right”, without much fuss.


We can serve meals at a center, take a senior to dinner

Buying gifts for families in need is aways a winner!

Consider hats and gloves, to keep warm those living on the street

Offer a warm smile, cup of coffee, or even a sweet treat.


And take a moment before you fall asleep at night

To be grateful that you are helping to make the world “more right”.

Merry Christmas, dear friends and family

Be well, be happy, have fun in 2020!