“Look Both Ways”


Crossing the street yesterday  just as the signal changed indicating it was okay to do so, I overheard a young mom say to her child, “Look both ways!”

“Look both ways.”

The message was simple.  It was a gentle reminder of something I am certain the mother had told the child many times before.  “Look both ways” was a warning that there could be an unexpected car  coming from the left or the right.  The message warned the child to be alert because a driver might not be. The child looked left, and then right, as did all of us waiting on the curb, and we all walked safely to the other side of the street.

The “look both ways” warning works for the limited activity of safely crossing the street, however it falls way short when one applies the message to managing the stages of their life. I think to safely navigate through life, we need a “look every way” kind of warning.  As I look back in time I can see so many  times I was blind-sighted, caught off guard because I wasn’t alert. I wasn’t looking every way. 

How did I not see that my constantly cold fingers was as sign of a future medical issue. I thought I just needed  more expensive ski mittens.  How did I not see the warning signs of an unfaithful husband when the signs were there, right there. How did I not see that after my divorce, other men would be dishonest because my rose-colored glasses made it easy for them?   On these and other occasions I needed a sign that reminded me to look every which way, not just “both ways.”

High SUCCESSTROGEN women look every way. They don’t pretend or fool themselves, they look deeply before making a decision that will impact their lives. They gather data to help them see things as they are.  This enables them not to just make decisions, they make informed decisions.

This newly gained wisdom serves me well today.  And so in wishing to help you I offer the following:  Keep your eyes open.  Keep your head up.  Look every way. Question more than I ever did, look beyond what you want to see, to see what is really there. Wearing rose colored glasses has in many ways been a strong suit of mine, and yet surely, those same tinted glasses sometimes got in the way of my seeing things as they are. Remember to take yours off so you can see things clearly.

And by the way, if you are crossing the street later on today, please look both ways because that will get you safely to the other side.