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Find Your Sunshine


I am at my best when I have a busy day in front of me.  Right after my meditation, I check to see what is on the calendar for the day.  When the day is packed I am a happy women, usually work out and then begin to take on the day. On the slower days, I notice that I take a little longer to get to the gym and frankly I  don’t seem to workout quite as vigorously as I do when there is a full day ahead.  Yesterday was one of those days.

As a result, I decided to take a quick trip over to St Armand’s Circle and browse in some of my favorite shops.   While passing by the new fashions displayed in the windows usually lures me inside,  today I didn’t see one thing in any window that encouraged me to step inside.  All of a sudden,  as I passed a store I rarely shop in, large letters adhered to the outside of the window glared at me and stopped me in my tracks.

“Find your sunshine”, the words commanded. I entered that store immediately! I simply had to congratulate someone on the very important reminder they were sending to the community.

Find your sunshine!

The sign reminds all of us to find our happy in the event that we  have misplaced it for one reason or another.  I have my sunshine with me almost always and  so do you! That’s why we smile a lot and generally see the positive side of life. Occasionally, however, we seem to forget to let  our sunshine out, hiding the infectious smile.  The sign reminds us that it is not enough to keep our happy inside, we need to display it, to share it as a reminder to others to find their sunshine as well.  When we smile, others smile. When we smile, others feel better.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN smile easily, displaying their sunshine and warming others around them. Happy is a major part of who they are.

If my smile isn’t coming easily on a given day,  I take a moment and review my mental list of things for which I am grateful.  I recall something  funny, a time when I laughed out loud, and my smile reappears quickly. My go-to tool is to recall a recent funny late conversation with  Helen and Leah. Some of those memories actually make me laugh out loud, and more important, smile again!

What is it that brings out your smile? What is it that helps you “find your sunshine?

A Lesson from Annie

dreamstime_m_27598561Last week, I found myself in one of my favorite local shops for women’s fashions.  While a bit on the pricy side, this shop is consistently a “feel good experience” for me.  I know the buyer has purchased the latest and greatest in women’s fashion, and considers  every age group of her clients.  As I walked up the wide, white concrete steps to the entrance it was as though I was entering the foyer of an exquisite home.  As usual, I was greeted by name by every  employee, and they seemed to move aside quietly as the owner approached me.  He asked about my family and my new career, and eased into  a discussion of local  business issues as we usually do.  My personal shopper and friend, Jill,  was prepared for me, upbeat as always, and had pulled some things she believed I would like.  She was right for the umpteenth time.  The entire experience was a most enjoyable one.

As I began trying on the latest of my favorite designers, I stepped out of the dressing room to see myself in a larger mirror.  Another woman was there before me, standing  in front of the mirror in a most gorgeous gown ever and I was taken back by the vibrant blue color and  layers and layers of fabric encircling her on the floor. As my eyes worked their way up to the woman’s head, I was disappointed to note that she was frowning.

“What do you think?”, she asked me.  “Yikes!” I thought to myself. “Why did she have to ask me?”  So I took the safe road and replied.  “The dress is gorgeous, simple gorgeous”, I said carefully avoiding saying that the scowl on her face detracted from the total look.   “Yes” she quickly replied, “I know that. But I am going to the Bishop’s Ball, do you think it’s dressy enough? Maybe with the right pair of strappy shoes….”

“Oh dear” I thought while she was still talking.  “Isn’t there someone else around she could ask.” I was reminded by something Annie said on Broadway…

You are never fully dressed without a smile”

This woman was all dressed up in a gown most women could only dream of wearing, but she may as well have been wearing denim overalls. She wasn’t dressed up at all, she was frowning.

And in my resolution to be truly honest with myself and others, I took a big risk with this woman whom I had never met before.

“Well, if you smile, you will definitely be well dressed for the Bishop.” I need not discuss her reaction, just know it wasn’t a smile!

As I indicated, I am working with a new startup company dedicated to helping MomPreneurs and women bring their new product idea to market.  We are preparing feverishly for our launch date of February 19.  Like most startups, we are a small group of people, doing it all.  Just when each of us thinks we are clear on our roles and responsibilities, more work gets added on our plate.  Some days, some of my team members forget to smile. I know they want a successful launch as well as I do, but they do not know the impact of their frowning, sometimes angry, look. I wish they would come to work fully dressed from now on!

In my new role leading the company, I have not had a chance to play tennis.  I don’t miss the tennis per se, but you know what I do miss?  My tennis buddies SMILE…they always smile and laugh, and make me smile and laugh–they always come fully dressed to play. Their smiles are contagious and I miss the power of their smiles.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN smile a lot–they are happy with themselves and their lives and their smile is contagious, impacting those all around them. With the rainy, unseasonably cold Sarasota weather lately, I think we need to check our smile meter! Now that I have remembered Annie’s warning,  that we are not fully dressed without a smile, I, for one, am not going out half dressed!

Are you fully dressed today?