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Two Under Par


The early morning TV weather man warned me that there would be scattered thunderstorms throughout the day. But I had an 8:12 tee time  so I continued to dress for golf.  As I passed a friend in the hallway, he commented, “Overly optimistic are you?  I think your game may be rained out!”  “I have an 8:12 tee time”, I noted. When I got to the golf shop, Rob, the manager, told me that since “everyone else had cancelled” I could tee off earlier if I wished.  He seemed to hesitate expecting me to also cancel, but that thought had not occurred to me, after all “I had an 8:12…..”  Being a routine kind of gal, I stuck with my 8:12 time and headed out to the driving range.

After whacking just three golf balls as well as I ever had, the very dark grey clouds gave me a hint that the weather man, my neighbor, and all the golfers who cancelled earlier this morning might have been more realistic.  I quickly headed toward the first tee.  I noted it was a par 4.  Again, I whacked the ball, far and straight, and my second shot wasn’t too shabby either…and then it happened. The skies opened up wide! The rain came down hard and fast and within moments I was soaked all the way through to my undies–after just two strokes.

I drove the golf cart faster than it is supposed to go trying to avoid some of the rain.  I returned to the pro shop and announced, “I just got my lowest score ever on the first hole!!!!!! The head pro, the shop manager, and Frank, the starter who had come in out of the rainstorm, all laughed out loud and frankly I think they may still be laughing.  On my way home I couldn’t help but delight in the fact that I shot two under par on the first hole!!

Upon reading this blog, you want to tell me I had all the warnings and was unrealistic in my expectations.  You are correct.  But here is my point and for better or worse, here is the essence of me.  I could have let the weather man change my plan, I could have let Martin’s warning do the same., and I could have heeded Rob’s hint in the pro shop. But you know what?  I had a great “almost golf game”,   a good hard laugh in the pro shop, and a good story to post on Successtrogen.  This was one of those times when I stayed in the moment, right where I was supposed to be, and frankly, I am glad I did.  My golf today, albeit a very short game, was a great game, and I will forever talk about the day that I shot two under par.

This is one of my high SUCCESSTROGEN areas–where I stay with the moment, taking life as it unfolds.  Call it “glass half full”, the “power of positive thinking”, or call it whatever you like. For me,  it is staying in the moment and letting the moment unfold to something unexpected, and fun.